Saturday, December 5, 2009

IGN goes hands on with Meat Boy!

BAM! ok now back to work....


  1. hmmmm in the replay and on the thumbnail you can see the xbox buttons at the bottom.

    Is that just for the PC version (I know how you used the 360 controller to play it on computer) but why would you put it in the game when you're developing it for the wii and PC?

    Changing it later perhaps?

  2. This relates to the comment above mine. Do you think you'll ever port it to the psn? For some reason I can't get my Wii online with my internet connection and this game looks amazing =/

  3. The buttons will change on the PC if youre using an xbox controller, the person doing the preview was using one so thats why thats being shown.

    we have always said we wanted to go multi platform with SMB if possible though, so you never know what might happen.

  4. IGN also talks about S.M.B. being their most anticipated game of 1Q 2010! Start 2/3 in (right after top 25 Wii games listed) and Super Meat Boy is talked about 3 three times... you have some fans!

    To find podcast look for Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast ep. 60


    oooh u naughty

  6. Ever consider a multiplayer mode where everyone tries to color the arena with their blood?