Saturday, April 3, 2010

Super Meat Boy "Tiger" Handheld Iphone App!


Remember way back in the day when you loved a game so much that you would buy ANYTHING that had to do with it? Remember Easter, when you had to go to your Great Aunts house to celebrate with the family, and you knew you would be bored in the car and the only thing you could bring was a crappy handheld version of some game you loved (for me it was Megaman 2) and you had no choice but to play it in the car and at her house because she was born in like the 1890's and didn't even have a VCR? Those were great days...and now, we at Team Meat, are giving you the ability to do that ALL OVER AGAIN ON YOUR IPHONE, IPOD AND EXPENSIVE GIANT IPOD (IPAD).

Super Meat Boy Handheld is all the branding of Super Meat Boy, without the actual gameplay or art from Super Meat Boy...and all for ONLY A DOLLAR. Enjoy two distinct game modes. In Game A, you have to race and wall jump past saws to save your lady love Bandage Girl!!! In Game B, you have to race past falling needles to save your lady love, Bandage Girl!!! Super Meat Boy Handheld also features a mute button, and a button that when pressed shows you a high score(not your high score,just the highest score you can get).

Super Meat Boy Handheld is available on the iTunes AppStore for only $0.99 (THAT'S NOT NINETY NINE DOLLARS YOU SILLY PEOPLE). Pick it up today, brag to your friends, and support Super Meat Boy!!



Team Meat

PS: Those of you who dont get the joke click this link.
"Express an opinion get an App pulled"

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our devblog is now part of our new site

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Saturday, February 27, 2010


so we haven't been updating the blog much because we are going to be launching a new website soon that will replace it, but those of you following our twitter have been getting the play by play of the craziest month of SMB news ever.. here's a recap.

-SMB is coming to Xbox Live as well as Wiiware and Pc sometime around summer of this year!

-Issue 2 of the SMB comics has been printed and will be given away at GDC, those of you who miss the event will get a chance to buy it or win one via our twitter contest starting mid march.

-Game Pro did a very positive 3 page feature on SMB last month and featured article Edmund wrote in this months issue about the do's and dont's of indie game design.

-A few days ago we got to demo SMB at the Nintendo summit in SF to the press and more importantly Reggie.

Theres shit loads more news on the twitter, but here are a few hands on videos from the summit.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Uncut Kotaku Interview

So Kotaku recently sent out interview questions to the IGF finalists to show in a feature they were doing on the independent game festival.

Our interview went up today, but sadly the interview was edited down to 2 questions and because of that our answers were taken a bit out of context.

The following is the full Kotaku Interview.


Q: What was the inspiration behind your game?

Edmund: Super meat boy was inspired by a divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind.

Tommy: My grandfather had a saying, "I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone". That quote has stuck with me all this time and when I am helping with a game I really remember him saying those words to me.

Q: Q: What do you do for a living now? What do you hope to do?

Edmund: I currently make video games for a living, actually my most recent title Super Meat Boy has been nominated for both excellence in audio as well as the grand prize in the IGF. The IGF (Institute for global futures) is a festival that was established to provide leading-edge intelligence about the emerging trends, innovations and forecasts that will impact consumers, business and society in the future. To better prepare leaders to direct change and shape the future.

Tommy: I'm actually a Assistant Manager / Barrista at StarBucks in my local mall. I work there pretty much full time, doing coding contracts on the side as well as some game dev. I hope that one day I can actually manage my own Starbucks, I'm currently going through their corporate training program and I'm very excited about finishing! That being said, I would like a career in video games. Its nice to have a solid platform to launch off of, and Starbucks internal promotion program really allows me to stay grounded yet reach for my pursue my goals. I hope to continue to make a living off said game once it is released on Steam, Wiiware and other yet to be announced console or consoles.

Q: Who or what are your greatest influences when creating a game?

Tommy: Many of your readers (probably most) have never seen the show M.A.S.H. It ran in the early 70's until the early 80's and was about a M.A.S.H. platoon in Vietnam. In M.A.S.H. Corporal Maxwell Klinger (played by Jamie Farr) constantly dresses up as a woman in order to be thrown out of the military so that he can return home. This influences me because Klinger is doing something extraordinary to get out of a of a situation that was ordinary to thousands and thousands of enlisted men and women. He is brave in his attempt to do something very unorthodox to meet a personal goal. I feel when I work on a game. I am doing something that to many people does seem extraordinary (as you mentioned in your previous question, there are several forms of expression), however it is something that I am willing to do to accomplish a goal.

Edmund: Ive found my greatest influences to be the ones with the most capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, of others.

Q: Name your favorite book, movie, album and game?

Edmund: To Kill a Mockingbird, Citizen Kane, Beach boys: Pet sounds, Pong.

Tommy: The Help by Kathryn Stockett, Up in the Air, U2: No Line on the Horizon, Modern Warfare 2.

Q: How did you come up with the name to your game?

Tommy: I actually had no say in the name of the game, but I'm very happy with the name that was chosen.

Edmund: Seeing as A name is a label for a noun, normally used to distinguish one from another. I took the name "Meat Boy" to identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context, in this context i choose Meat Boy because the character was both a boy as well as made of meat. A personal name identifies a specific unique and identifiable individual person, and may or may not include a middle name, but in this case i choose to forgo a middle name in exchange for an introductory adjective to build on to said name.

I choose the adjective "super". a word whose main syntactic role is to modify a noun or pronoun, giving more information about the noun or pronoun's referent. the word Super is given to show that in this case "Meat Boy" is to be looked at as of the highest degree, power, etc.


The original Kotaku post can be viewed here:

Friday, January 29, 2010

The cover of Pc gamer?

So ive obviously been slacking when it comes to updating the blog.. i think we will have something automated from our twitter soon enough as well as a whole site revamp in the coming weeks, but for now ill play a little catch up and post a months worth of notable twitter updates. - Super Meat Boy on the cover of Pc Gamer! OMFGLOLZERS(well kinda) - Interview with featuring CRAZY INFO! (not really but still check it out) - Very fun podcast we did with them the other day is up, also a neato cover image as well! check it out. - Near final cover image for SMB issue #2 coming out at GDC! - Also Here's the process of creation for that cover for those interested. - SMB road to the IGF interview (gamasutra) - Dtiod article, A behind the scenes look at Super Meat Boy. (good read) - 1st impressions of the IGF build of SMB, and new screen shots of the build (nintendo life) - 6 new SMB screen shots showing ch2, new retro levels and mechanics like fans and keys! - Super meat boy comics are now on sale! (finally). these comics are limited, not that many are left. (bonus surprises)

More infoz....

-SMB will easily have over 10 hours of gameplay for the expert gamer and WAYYYY beyond that for the average one.

-Flywrench will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

-Due to the addition of 150 more levels and other extras SMB will be pushed back from the Q1 release date but not by a ton.


This month is going to be crazy, we will have ch3 finished and playable for GDC, the second Meat Boy comic printed out (its 20 pages!) new video footage will be posted showing the games 2nd chapter and boss in action as well as a very big announcement that should make a lot of you guys VERY happy.

its been a crazy month to start a hopefully equally crazy year! oh and we are still giving away free comics every Friday on twitter, so follow us!.

-Team Meat

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Unlocked Flywrench!

We announced last night on our twitter that Flywrench is officially a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

Here are some screens of the animated intro when you find him.

When you find the secret warp zone you get sucked into the low-fi world of Flywrench, where meat boy is infiltrated by the popular flapping protagonist. You control Flywrench through 3 levels that are played out inside meat boys 4bit body. Once completed Flywrench will be avalible at the character select screen to use in any main game level.

Flywrench features the ability to fly for a short amount of time, flapping his wings to gain height and changing colors as he would in the original game.

Flywrench is a popular and critically acclaimed hardcore platformer by Mark Essen (messhof) and can be played on (go play it if you haven't!)

That's 5 down
(Tim, CommanderVideo, Alien Hominid, Gish, Flywrench)
...7(?) to go!

Till next time!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Signed Meat Boy comics now for sale!

We finally got around to setting up the Super Meat Boy press comics in our etsy shop this week.

Each comic is signed by Tommy and myself, comes with 2 stickers and sell for 7$ (and if your lucky a button as well).

The comic is 12 pages long, 5.5 x 8.5 in, full color gloss with card stock cover. Originally made to hand out to press to announce the game "Super Meat Boy issue 1" was printed in Sept. 09. and limited to 1,000 copies and given out as a price on our weekly contests on twitter.

Once the comics are sold out this issue will never be reprinted, we will be printing a new issue closer to GDC, but once the current issue is gone its gone for good.


Oh also Super Meat Boy has been nominated for the IGF grand prize as well as best audio.

More news to come!