Thursday, November 26, 2009

A months worth of updates!

So as a few of you know we have been updating our twitter daily with new info on SMB development as we work, sadly though almost none of it makes its way to the blog. Im going to try to start updating the blog weekly with twitter updates, but to make up for it heres a months worth of twitter posts/info/pics trimmed down into a nice little list!

-Super Meat Boy will feature over 300 levels!

- "No platformer fan in general should miss this unique title. This game has the potential to be a huge hit"-NL preview

- First images of CommanderVideos "princess float" ability in action

- First images of Lil Slugger, the first boss in SMB.

- Danny B. Unleashes the "Epic SMB Boss Track"

- SMB preview in Pc Gamer.

- David Scatliffe remade Meat Boy in super low rez.

- 3 page SMB article in Edge.

- SMB makes the top of the top 10 most anticipated inde games of 2010.

- First Images of the 2nd chapter of SMB, the Haunted Hospital.

- Video of Danielle beating "Dark World" levels and warp zone goodness.
-Squirrels and rabbits confirmed!

We will be crunching for our next IGF update this weekend.
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  1. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush................

  2. I just played the flash version and I'm pumped for the WiiWare release, day one buy for me.