Friday, November 13, 2009

Its Free Comic Friday!

As most of you know every Friday from here till the release of Super Meat Boy in Q1 of next year we will be giving away a free limited edition Meat Boy comic via our Twitter. The comic will be given out to the 1st person to reply to us with the correct answers to 3 meat boy related questions.

This weeks questions have a theme of "controversy".
Here are this weeks questions!

1.The Original ending of Meat Boy was censored on a few websites. what did the censored ending say?

2.The first Super Meat Boy ad featured a bovine meat chart. This ad was later edited, what was the original tag line for the game in that ad?

3.In the Meat Boy map pack, the final unlockable ending featured a cameo by a popular newgrounds character. His appearance had to be edited out of the game on other websites. Who was this controversial character?

Remember to reply to us on twitter with your answers 1st person to tweet the right ones wins! You have till Thursday the 19th.

1 comment:

  1. I know the first two, but I never finished the map pack, dang, oh well, let's see if I can beat it before anyone else posts the answers.