Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pink bitch got owned


Tommy here. I got back from London last week after showing the first playable version of Super MeatBoy to a bunch of press people from around Europe and the UK. I took a bunch of pictures, but unfortunately, I lost my camera. No joke...this is my luck. Anyway, it went over extremely well in London and we are super pumped to get the first chapter done and playable in the next couple of weeks. We released a trailer on a few sites (LOOKING AT YOU KOTAKU...WHERE'S THE LOVE?) and we've had some questions...mainly about the end of the trailer. Here is your answer: the end of the trailer that is a simultaneous replay of the last 40 attempts at the level shown in game after you beat a level if you want to view it. Its purely for entertainment, awesome, and "because I can" purposes. Past "Because I Can" features in games include putting webcam support into Goo!. I do these things because they are awesome and I like doing them:) I just wrote it a few days before we did that video, so it isn't optimized at all. Ideally, I want to have about the last 100 attempts....but that's me. You all know me:)

Anyway, that's it from me. Bye.

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