Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The London Gameplay trailer

Here ya go, 1st footage of Super Meat Boy.. i kinda sorta youtube HD quality.

Im re-posting this because there's been a strange leak of gameplay footage that has gotten around that im not too happy with... this was the intended trailer.

so please feel free to float this one around the big ol net.

We have been getting a lot of questions about the vid, so ill address the most common here.

-There will be warp zones hidden in levels that are only accessible for a limited time, if you enter them they will warp you into "retro world" where you play as 8bit meat boy, but you also play by old school rules. (check out the :50 second mark to see what im talking about)

-The sea of meat boys at the end of the trailer is our first footage of the replay system. When you complete a level you will have the option to view a replay.. that shows every single attempt at the level. a nice visual pay off for a job well done.

-This trailer is obviously early, it features simple levels found in the 1st chapter of the game, the forest. there will be 5 complete chapters in the finished game, and well over 150 levels to play.

We will be posting footage of the level editor in action as well as an animated intro in the next week.

stay tuned!


  1. It looks like Meat Boy, but around 30000% better. "This is good," The Almighty exclaimed.

    That replay feature looks fantastic.

  2. You guys. This looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait. Also... I don't know if you guys have any power over this. I also think I'm only talking to one of you when I say this but... I can't wait to see Time Fcuk on WiiWare. I'm playing it now and... Wow... Do your best to get THIS game on WiiWare too! Meatboy has to be one of my favorite games (including retail) of all time! Seriously!