Saturday, August 8, 2009


So as some of you know Tommy and i are crunching to get a playable build of SMB ready for Pax in early Sept. Things have been moving so quickly and looking so awesome that we couldn't help but upload a video with stills of the current build as well as some downright amazing music from the master himself Danny B.

Watch it down there v v v v v

The new track is actually a remix of the original forest music that was in the flash version of the game, but about 50,000 times better, and that's totally nuts because, its identical to my high score on double dragon!.. ZOINKS.

The images you see in the video are screen caps from the forest chapter of our current beta. Keep in mind these images are still VERY early and dont feature many of the "cream in your pants" effects Tommy will be working in over the next few months.

i also threw some super secrets in the video...

or did i?
(i did)


  1. That was pretty awesome...
    Pics and song...

  2. F**n Awesome!, i can wait to play it in my pc.

  3. is there a link for the song alone? i want to cover the song....