Monday, July 13, 2009

Whats long, black and has one eye?....?

If you said Commander Video from the bit.trip series you would be mostly correct. I know we have announced Commander video in nintendo power.. but last week i finished up all the character art for all the hidden characters and thought id unveil the official CV image in tribute to the launch of bit.trip Core that just hit wiiware last week (go buy it!! (this link wont let you buy it but it seemed like a good think to link to their homepage) ).

anyway heres the rainbow loving space man in all his meaty glory!!!.

We recently did a few interviews that can be read Here and Here(i lost the link).

Sometimes we get asked the same questions over and over, sometimes its hard to answer them the same way over and over, and sometimes my teeth fall out and try to commit suicide by jumping under my fingers as i type... so here a is bit of information that should clear up most of the more common questions.

-Controls in SMB will be GREATLY improved over the flash version.
-There will be over 20 unlockable characters.
-We will be showing in game footage publicly in the next 2 months.
-The leaked image of the character screen was real (luckily you cant at all tell who the characters in silhouette are in that crappy image)
-The projected rating of SMB is T, but we wont know for sure till the game is finished.

Speaking of the rating though... how would you guys feel about SMB if it got an M? Yeah that's right! now im asking you the questions!!!!



  1. Me?

    Hell I'd be fine with it going either T or M on the ESRB scale. Just as long as I can get me some digital meat.

  2. Go for M. Then you can claim you're the only mature game on WiiWare.

  3. hmm are there really no other M games on there at all?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I actually checked on wikipedia, there are no M rated WiiWare games. There is a "Sexy Poker" game coming from Gameloft that will surely be M rated if it actually comes out, though.

    Looking again, there's barely even any T games. I might have missed some but all i see are Onslaught, Strong Bad, VIP Casino Blackjack, and Wild West Guns.

  6. It doesn't bother me any because I would be able to buy it. I think SMB fits the M demographic (I'm thinking of the ending of the flash game.) Although, are you worried on losing out on some dollars if you go the M route?

  7. Is there even a way to block purchasing M games digitally?

  8. If it allows you to do more with the game then sure...
    But it will reduce sales...
    and I'm wondering if on wiiware if it blocks most people from buying M...

  9. Make the PC self-published version uncensored (eg. M) but go for a T with Wiiware. (the Pc version doesn't need to go through the ESRB anyway :) )

    you'll sell more wiiware if its t

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