Sunday, June 14, 2009

Super meat boy featured in Nintendo Power!

The Latest issue of Nintendo power features an interview with Tommy and I (go buy it)... its totally surreal to be featured in Nintendo power, i mean when i was 9 i remember getting the first issue so i could beat zelda. i had the dungeon map poster on my wall above my tiny tv for reference.

We "officially" announce that not only will Commander video from the Bit Trip series will be an un lockable character in SMB, but he will also have a very hard level based around Bit Trip that you will have to beat to unlock him. His level will be one of many secret warp zones hidden throughout the game.

Dont get use to every update being about unlockable characters... those are the only ones you're going to get for quite a while. hopefully tommy will put up a video of the level editor in the next few weeks :)

Speaking of Tommy, today is his birthday! so wish him a happy birthday by photo shopping his head onto something amusing, heres a pic to work with.

Happy birthday Tommy!



  1. CommanderVideo and Gaijin Games are honored! SMB FTW!

  2. Nice interview! I hope it manages to get some more attention for your game.

    Ready for some random internet guy wishing Tommy a happy birthday? Oh yeah.

    Happy b-day Tom! (Tell Alex Nurse to get his ass in gear and release CORE already!)

  3. This game just went from "Of course I am going to buy it!" to "I am going to force everyone I know to buy it."