Sunday, April 5, 2009

I sleep to the sounds of squrils making love to buzz saws

Ok so we are back from GDC and once again hard at work on SMB. Its been a little while so i thought id do a little graphics update to show you guys where we are at.

Heres the 1st shot of super meat boy side by side with the original flash version.

Im currently going through and remaking the forest chapter, while Tommy gets the tile engine in place. The goal is to have a playable demo by June 1st to show at E3 and so far that's looking very possible.

That background is a mockup (imagine more depth and lighting effects in the finished version), but it can give you a basic idea of the direction im going with it, that direction being "crap your pants awesome" if that hasn't been apparently clear by now.

Speaking of crapping your pants, the escapist was kind enough to sit down with us and write up a little article/interview type deal, it pretty much sums up what meat boys all about and the basic background of how the game came to be. check it out here

in other news we sat down with the big N at GDC last week for one of those developer interviews they post on the Im not totally sure when/if it will make its appearance online, but it should be quite interesting to see how it comes out... Were you guys aware that wearing blood stained aprons to a Nintendo interview was frowned upon... i wasn't sent that memo.

till next time!

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  1. Cool interview, and nice screen shot! I'm getting the vibe that you guys are aiming big with this, and that can only mean it will totally end well! And it's great that Nintendo has taken interest in supporting your team and it's goals of "crap in your pants" awesomeness!