Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meaty News!

Tons of big Super meat boy news!

So first off the unveiling of the Super Meat Boy Teaser trailer on Created by a good friend of mine James Id, the teaser is a huge throw back to those early 90s animated MTV video bumpers, Liquid Television and NES video game commercials. Meat Boy screams early 90s nostalgia, so i thought it would be perfect to do a teaser in the same vein, and James did a really great job here.

Lets Watch!

In other news Cube Craft just posted a paper craft of Meat Boy, its quite awesome, hes sitting next to me as i type this.

Download him here:

Tommy and i also did an interview with Destructiod about SMB, another nice read for this super meat filled day.


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  1. I think is would be cool is you did a contest where people submit their own meatboy related items...
    Commercials, artwork, toys...