Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The day the Meat stood still.

The development of Super Meat Boy has started! Tommy and i will be documenting its development onto Wiiware™ and Pc later this year and ill try and post as many screen shots and info as i can along the way.

For now heres some of the new character art and a little features list.

-100% remade graphics and engine.
-100+ Levels
-5 Chapters
-Boss fights
-lighting effects
-buckets of blood

We would also love to add co-op play and a level editor but its still too early to tell at this point.

more updates to come!


  1. Are you going to use tilt controls, and holding the Wii Remote sideways and such?

  2. Forget that Wii-Remote flinging stuff and use sideway button controls. Or have such control in secondary option.

    Also, do you have idea how many Wii Points this is going to cost?

  3. Gratz guys! This is a good step for a great game. I'd suggest looking at a game called Jumper 2, made with Game Maker. It's very similar to Meat Boy and might give you some new ideas for levels/jumps/etc.

  4. oh my god .. i love you .. my dreams come true ..

    well at least one little twisted one but it's great anyway :)


    P.S. yay for buckets of blood

  5. Wait, no...


    Bonus levels specifically designed for alternate costumes of Meat Boy as different kinds of meat. Bacon can run quickly across salt, chicken has slightly higher jumps, bologna slides down walls slower, jerky bounces off saws, etc.

  6. Controls:
    no tilt controls.. i wasnt ever a fan of that stuff, this of this game as a retro game like mega man 9, it can basicly be played with an nes controler so i think the wii remote sideways would be a perfect fit for it.

    No idea on the cost yet, but we want to it be worth it to all of you.. so what would you expect to pay for something like super meat boy?

    Jumper 2:
    Ive been playing a ton of old playformers and recent indie stuff like N, Jumper and Flail. We are doing our best at coming up with stuff that hasnt been done in any of them :), but also checking them out to see whats most fun and most annoying about each.

    Bonus levels:
    Oh there will be a ton of bonus levels that should please just about everyone :)

  7. I think 1000-1500 Wii Points would be fine. Of course, it is all about quality.

    And is there any idea about including level editor, shouldn't be too hard. You could save levels for SD Card, like in Brawl.

  8. This is fantastic, well done guys! I think there aren't enough good WiiWare games out there to pit it well enough against things like Xbox 360 Live Arcade, although it does have some gems that wouldn't be as good on other consoles.

    Just a question, I'm thinking of getting a Mac (no flaming on this, guys). Is there a possibility of a Mac version being released?

  9. Level Editor:
    We have been talking a lot about this but arnt just yet on how this would work on Wiiware. Its something we would like to do, we just dont know how possible it will be just yet.

    Im pretty sure a Mac version wont happen unless its suddenly in huge demand after the Pc release. Tommy isnt too sure the Mac sales will justify the time spent porting it to mac, but we will see how it goes.

  10. did you intentionally steal the ghosts and goblins intro

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  12. obviously.. its identical

    SMB is a huge throw back to the nes/snes are of video games and platformers. we will parody tons of classic games in it.

  13. We cant actually say when the Wiiware version will come out. But out goal is to have the PC version done by the 4th Quarter of this year. that might give you a rough idea of whats up...

  14. Cool, I finally get to play with my meat.

  15. Some might say your playing with my meat....

  16. lol nice but i think willys idea is really good

  17. its a cool idea but im keeping away from any alt abilities. i want the game to stay very pure in terms of its gameplay, run and jump. its the stuff that you interact with and how you interact with it that will bring a fresh feel to the gameplay.

  18. Good to hear. The "Meat Powers" idea was more or less a joke. The great thing about Meat Boy is that it takes the basic platformer concept and adds high acceleration and momentum, plus basic wall sliding/jumping. That's it. The rest of the complexity comes from the level design, which allows you to gradually ramp up the difficulty without the player having to fumble with new mechanics every few levels.

  19. Troy:

    Three Words. Boot to Windows:)

  20. Please make this for the Mac! I have many friends who would get this and I would too even though it's on my xbox. Please Tommy. It's worth it!

  21. I may sound very silly as I don't know anything about computer programme writing but as SMB is now on Steam and Steam has Mac support, would it actually be a lot of work to port it to Mac via Steam?